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As a Chicagoan I split my early school years between sports and the city’s art culture before studying Media and Studio Art at Pomona College in California. My current practice in the School of Art Institute of Chicago’s graduate Fashion, Body and Garment program allows me to explore ideas through installation, sculpture, visual imagery and garment. Currently, I serve as the Curatorial Fellow at Chicago-based artist residency Anna’s for the 2020 year.
Fueling these ideas are personal reflections and ideas to how I negotiate escapism, vulnerability, body movement and spectatorship. My practice today is a cumulative pursuit towards personal visibility that I wish to expand through design, installation, video and media.
The core of my practice remains art’s consumption and its accessibility. Through this lens I pursue ways of democratizing art via community workshops, software instruction and art supply drives in efforts to free art from its pedestal. These ideas and values expand the bounds of my practice and hopefully hold new conversations.

Photo courtesy of Morgan Durrah

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