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Untethered (in-progress), 2020

Natural cotton rope, nylon, steel dome

4 ft. x 4 ft. x 9 ft.

Untethered is a work-in-progress suspended sculpture that explores personal emotions of deflation, escapism and (in)visibility. The body’s fragmented appearance is left abstracted for most of its 360 view, only offering glimpses of two bodies caught from front and back facing views. Recurring feelings of fragility and vulnerability are woven into the fibers of frayed rope anchored to invisible thread. Hidden and suspended, the bodies share parts of each other for their own existence.

Divide, 2019

Cardboard puzzle pieces, plexiglass casing

2ft x 2 ft.

Unresolved family tensions because of divorce left confusion, anger and guilt in me at a young age. While recognizing its impact to areas of my adulthood, what used to be emotionally burial has found relief talking with people who are also pursuing their own healing journeys.


Divide is the reflection of friends, family and strangers submitting personal images of scarring moments throughout their lives. Such occurrences can leave deep mental wounds to how we recognize, confront and heal. These images are printed across cardboard puzzle pieces as viewers are encouraged to approach the shelf, sit and form unique shapes and imagery using the pieces. Though confusing and sometimes crippling, I’ve found beneficial opportunities to process  through re-memory and communal dependence.  

Protest, 2019

Glass, radio, debris, helmet

The unraveling of mass protesters calls for the monumental upheaval of system oppression. Continuously suffering in the shadows of a system feeling voiceless in constant infliction that will drive any person to their limits. Such an unpredictable limit can throw a city into chaos as people operate on fear and pain. Capturing this residual of resistance became central in Protest as a scene of unravel.

Gun Violence (group) 2019

Pitzer College mounds

Blind Eye

A Blind Eye, 2018

Discarded debris and clothing

3 ft. x 5 ft. x 3 ft

Kallick Gallery, Pitzer College

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© 2020 by Ellington Bramwell

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