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Later the Project would shift to circulating music by emerging musicians as a small online streaming site. Music and poetry by Jordan Hawkins, Nafets, Eliamani Ismail and others will forever be a honor to share space with. 
Project Subtl-3
Project Subtl was a sum of my interests across streetwear, photography and sharing creative spaces. Birthed in 2016 in a small New York dorm while working a stifling internship, I used graphic design as a relief of recognition and envisioned escape from a grid. 
project subtl
At its earlier mark, Project Subtl included an online editorial with write-ups surrounding local cultural shapers including visual artists, musicians and Black-owned organizations. 
Learning to screen print and eventually facilitating weekly community workshops on the process further instilled independence into the capsule as I printed majority of the Project. 
Collaboration with artists, friends and the community became vital to shaping the cycle of creating and sharing
Project Subtl-4
Project Subtl-5
To all the supporters of Project Subtl, thank you
I see Project Subtl as a capsule at the beginning a expansive timeline of personal practice and entrepreneurship. The creative processes, community impact and business insight learned during the Project’s 3-year span intrinsically inform the next endeavors of my practice.  


Ellington Bramwell



Onye Aharanwa

Roman Ahmed

Ahmani Davis

Keith Ferguson 

Malaika Ogukwe

Alexa Ramirez

Malik Sims

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